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Book The best sensual and erotic massage in London today. We offer a full sensual and erotic mobile service within (60mins) to the comfort of your home, hotel room or even at one of our many (In-calls) locations that is closest to you, from the best and most erotic masseuses in London. We will ensure your time spent relaxing, is remarkable and unforgettable with one of our happy ending masseuses.

Book an appointment with one of our Xquisite masseuses, at their luxury apartments as you prefer and are available all throughout central London for In-call Sexy massage (you visit them) and Out-call Sexy massage ( they visit you).

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London Xquisite Goddesses are exceptional and look more stunning in the flesh. We are one of the best agencies you can find in the UK or any the other main Worldwide destinations. Our qualified therapists are fully trained and experienced in the Tantric expansion of the alignment of mind body and spirit, it works on healing the chakras in order to help you achieve a higher part of your sexual potential. Not in just one visit but in every visit. We always aim to deliver a 5 star luxurious treatment leaving clients totally relaxed and very happy in the end

London Xquisite Massage provides a genuine Tantric experience that is fully sensual and erotic, that will ignite your every sense. There are still many people who miss out on the benefits of Tantric, and the real concept of its deep healing energies, due to lack of research and awareness.Tantric massage allows you to completely connect with your inner self. It opens many hidden pathways, allowing you to be free and relax and to enjoy heightened level of sensual and erotic pleasure. We at London Xquisite Massage offers a wide range of different types of massages, for him, for her and also for couples. . Allow yourself to indulge in the highest and deepest level of relaxation and pleasure.

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"Tantra relaxes the body, opens the heart and brings the mind into clear focus"

Margot Anand

When youʼre on the verge of booking a Tantric massage in London, it helps to have a grasp of exactly what disciplines and techniques fall under the London Xquisite Massage umbrella. Loosely speaking, it is an erotic therapy with diverse influences going back many, many years, embraced by the western world, where itʼs sometimes referred to as neotantra, although developed elsewhere. Depending on the establishment you choose, youʼll discover that it draws upon elements of yoga, sex therapy and bionergetics. If youʼre unfamiliar with the last of these terms, it is best described as a sub-division of biochemistry, concerning the way that energy flows through living entities, the relationships, exchanges and transformations between different energies, and the metabolisms of living beings.

Tantric Couple Massage

London Xquisite Massage offers this wonderful erotic massage as an option for couples who want to enjoy new eroticism within their relationship or even friendship. Couples relates to two persons, so this can be your significant other or just friend, it’s a massage experience that you get your share.

Spice things up and double your pleasure by booking a couples massage for you and your partner with one or two of our beautiful and Xquisite Goddesses. Our deliciously masseurses are very happy to work with two of you, helping you both to achieve a stronger bond. Many of our clients who choose couples therapy have reported increased libido, better performance and a much better sensual life overall. Tantric can also bring you closer to your partner on an emotional and spiritual level, making for a much more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. Itʼs a wonderful option, whether youʼre in a long-standing relationship or a new, budding romance.

Tantric Massage for him / her

London Xquisite Massage offers this wonderful Tantric massage for both him and her with total serenity and sincerity. It has been and still is very necessary in today’s society where sexual repression continues to prevail. Insecurities, fears and beliefs about sexuality can be restrictive and make it hard – if not impossible for many of us to explore and experience a healthy, full, satisfactory and natural sexuality.

Tantra is the very essence of sacred sexuality, reminding people that there is nothing wrong, bad, sinful or dirty about sexual desire and consummation. In Tantra, sex is a sublime act that helps us all to reach elevated spiritual planes of existence – a notion that stands in direct contradiction to the attitude, still prevalent today, which decrees that sex is something sordid and low.