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Busy Lives – Xquisite Massage

Busy Lives

Are you too busy to look after your health? Do the hours, minutes and seconds slip through your fingers like the sand in an hourglass, leaving you next to no time to look after your body or prepare health things to eat? If this describes you, then youʼre far from alone.

A recent study suggests that many of us struggle to fit in sufficient time to keep ourselves in good health. In fact, three-quarters of us, to be precise. And further to that, six in ten people say they simply havenʼt the time to eat well.

A Healthy Lifestyle Problem

A new poll, involving 2000 adults, has thrown up these shock findings. Our hectic lifestyles are getting in the way of our health. Xquisite massage is one way of making sure you get some decent ‘meʼ time, but itʼs not the complete solution. With 75 per cent of people admitting to frequent meal-skipping, weʼre clearly all sitting on a health time-bomb.

Added to that is the finding that three quarters of us avoid going to the gym because we feel too rushed. And one-fifth of us have had to cancel our gym memberships because we simply werenʼt bothering to show up. It all paints a sorry picture of contemporary life, with people working themselves into disintegration and never taking time to keep in fit repair. What a terrible shame.

How Xquisite Massage can Help you!

Letʼs hope these findings are the wake-up call that many of us need to take back a bit of our time and give it to ourselves. At least two thirds of those who participated in the poll admitted to being worried about how their fast, super-busy lifestyles were eroding their health, so that does at least suggest some healthy self-awareness. Perhaps some of them will consider  London Xquisite Massage. Not only is it relaxing, but the way your body is treated with an array of loving strokes and manoeuvres is good for muscle health and generally wellbeing.

The poll and research were commissioned by recipe box companyMindful Chef and indicate quite pointedly that there needs to be a radical shake-up of how people manage their time, so that important self- maintenance can take place.

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