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Sleep doesnʼt come easy for everyone. In fact, for some people itʼs an elusive beast and they endure tormented nights, slipping in and out of dreamland instead of getting a solid eight hours. Fitful sleep – those nights where youʼre not sure whether you got even two hours – makes the daytime increasingly hard.

The more you build up a sleep deficit, the more you start to crack emotionally, lashing out at people, possibly even becoming tearful at inopportune moments.

Now, however, a study at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, has revealed some answers about how the things we do prior to bedtime have a direct impact on the quality of our slumber. Without even thinking about it, we can sometimes do things that elevate our stress levels in the hours before bedtime.

No wonder we then suffer with a bad night. And surprise surprise – one of the worst offenders is scrolling through your phone in bed. This interferes with the ‘winding downʼ process that we need in order to make sleep come upon us. London Xquisite Massage can certainly do a lot to help; itʼll teach you breathing exercises that you can utilise later on in the day, when youʼre trying to relax.


 London Xquisite Massage can help you sleep!

Colin Epsie, the professor who oversaw the study, emphasises the importance of having an hour to an hour-and-a-half of winding down. This means no work, no stimulating activity like exercise, no using electronic devices. Itʼs all about giving yourself time to relax. The research indicated that those who use their smartphones in the hour or so before bedtime are likely to find it much harder to nod off. On average, it will take them an hour longer.

Itʼs thought that about 15 per cent of us get busy with our smartphones in the hour before going to sleep.

Professor Epsie stresses that we are all different. For some people, reading a book will be a sleep-inducing activity, absolutely ideal when it comes to pre-bedtime activities. But for others, there is a risk of becoming too absorbed and therefore reluctant to put the book down. For those people, reading is a potentially stress- inducing exercise. It shouldnʼt be too hard to work out which group you fall into.

London Xquisite Massage has the sleeping solution

Epsie is the founder of Sleepio, a website where you can get a sleep programme tailored to your needs, helping you get better and better nighttimes. Every aspect of your lifestyle will be taken into account and youʼll also get advice about how to exercise more control over your thoughts.

Itʼs ideal for people looking for non-drug-based solutions to sleep problems. Many sufferers of insomnia turn to medicines like Zopiclone that are only partially successful and which also have side- effects. Zopiclone can leave people with a kind of hangover and, just like Temazepam, itʼs addictive. Both drugs fail to leave people with that refreshed feeling that real sleep should bring.

Grogginess and confusion can cloud their minds in the first few hours of being awake and they will also find that they become dependent on the drugs in order to get even a mere four hours of kip. If youʼre planning on slinging out the medicines and attempting to get some real sleep, why not book an Xquisite  massage, so that you feel more relaxed.

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