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June 25, 2019
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Gestalt Therapy

While youʼre enjoying a Xquisite Tantric massage in London, youʼre not only giving your body a wonderful, healing overhaul, youʼre also allowing your emotional and mental state to be stilled, consoled and loved. Itʼs so important to realise that our minds (and spirits/souls for those that believe) also need to be treated. Itʼs impossible to reach adulthood without having incurred wounds and injuries to our emotions.

We suffer loss, rejection and – in some cases – outright hate. Even the most stoic of people cannot be unaffected by being poorly treated. Almost no one gets a free ride in life; the vast majority of us bear scars. Thatʼs why itʼs worth looking at therapy and not scoffing at things like counselling and psychology. When we do, weʼll find that thereʼs an incredible array of treatments to help us manage our emotional life.

Thereʼs group therapy and one-to-one, and both of them come in a huge number of varieties. It can make choosing rather a difficult task. So letʼs take a closer look at some of the options, starting with Gestalt therapy. What exactly is it and what can it do for you?

What Was Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt is a German word that roughly translates as ‘formʼ or ‘patternʼ. The Gestalt school of psychotherapy came about in the 1940s. Its pioneers were Fritz and Laura Perls, who worked on the theory that each of us should be seen as a whole, rather than being broken down into parts. The mind, body and soul, it was thought, should be regarded as one entity.

In practice, gestalt therapy is focussed on self-awareness and the ‘here and nowʼ. Self-awareness is seen as the path to growth and the realising of oneʼs potential. Negative thinking can get in the way of self- awareness, limiting it and even blocking it entirely, leaving us miserable and discontented.

Gestalt encourages a non-judgmental kind of self-awareness that lets the

patient gain fresh perspective on his/her life. Learning to be aware of how we act, think and feel, while staying in the now, is thought to leave us with insights that can lift our anguish and allow us to prosper.

Take a Look at What it Has Accomplished

Among the concepts that are most prominent in gestalt are person- centred awareness and social responsibility. In the first, we focus on the present moment, letting it become detached from the future and past. We donʼt attempt to peer into the sub-conscious – we simply stay in awareness. In the latter concept, we acknowledge that we have a social responsibility not just to ourselves, but to others as well. We should extend respect to everyone and accept that no two humans are the same – everyone is different. An egalitarian mind-set is the end-goal.

There is much more to say about both gestalt and all the other available therapies. They make great complements to London Xquisite Massages . Watch this space for more information, or book a Tanrtic Body to Body  massage at London Xquisite Massage.

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