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Love or just fancy

How do you tell the difference between a finite attraction that might peter out after a matter of weeks and something more robust and dependable that could possibly last a lifetime? And is it, in this day and age, even sensible to want the latter? Thereʼs a world of difference between sensual curiosity, which sometimes masquerades as attraction, and real attraction.

In fact, attraction and variants there of come in thousands of different guises and at an even greater number of different levels of intensity. Weʼve all been there. You see someone, and feel the stirrings of longing from within your body. Sometimes, you know from the start that this is an attraction with a fixed expiry date and that as soon as youʼve been intimate with the object of your attention, the attraction will evaporate.

Other times, you go in with no idea how long it could all last. Is there anything more confusing than the romantic and sensual interplay between human beings? Probably not. And if the confusionʼs been getting too much for you, then itʼs high time you make a booking at London Xquisite Massage, which is the best there is, so why not arrange it now before reading any further?

The Power of Now

There are thousands upon thousands of self-help books designed to help us navigate the choppy waters of love and attraction. The good ones are bibles, the bad ones do little more than part of us from our cash. Some of us reject the whole notion of reading such literature, believing it to be exploitative and the worst kind of pop psychology. Others can barely leave the house without consulting the Power of Now and doing ten minutes of mindfulness practice.

No subject seems to have been quite so examined as that of the human heart and its strange, mysterious (and sometimes not so mysterious) yearnings. If youʼre on the market, perhaps after the breakup of a long-term relationship, then it may all feel new, transporting you back emotionally to when you were an awkward and hormone-driven adolescent.

If youʼre returning to the dating andadult scene, then itʼs definitely worth getting as keen a grasp as you can on the difference between short-lived sensual curiosity and love. After all, you donʼt want to find yourself halfway down the aisle, realising that all you wanted was connection. Itʼs a bit late by then.

An Xquisite Place For Tantra

Doing whatʼs best thought of as ‘checking in with yourselfʼ is sometimes the best possible way of determining whether youʼre in love or simply in thrall to hormones coursing through you. If your mind is racing at 1000bpm, then why not first arrange a relaxing treatment such as an Xquisite Tantric massage? London leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to tantric therapists. Then, once your mind and emotions have been stilled a little, youʼll be able to tune into your own being and work out whether youʼre in love or just fancy.

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