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Massage and Lower back pain

Itʼs no secret that massage can loosen and refresh the most over- tightened and over-strained of muscles and this holds just as true for the muscles of the back as for any other area of the human body. In fact, lower back pain benefits tremendously from regular treatment. In particular, the combination of regular stretching and deep-tissue/deep- muscle massage can make a winning formula when it comes to the life- limiting and distressing problem of chronic lower back pain.

If youʼre one of the afflicted and are looking into a solution that doesnʼt involve things like opioids and pills, then you can venture down a number of different avenues. First, you could consult your GP and raise the subject of this service as a potential solution to your back pain. There may well be practitioners in your area who can help, even if thereʼs likely to be a wait. Failing that, you can book a massage in London via a reputable agency like London Xquisite Massage and mention that you would like extra attention paid to the lower back area during the deep-tissue/Swedish phase of your treatment.

A lower back massage can open up a world of reduced pain that you didnʼt dare hope was possible. After all, itʼs one of the most debilitating pains there is, frequently preventing people from participating in all areas of life, damaging their careers and putting dreadful impediments in the way of their social lives and love lives.

Not only that, itʼs also shockingly prevalent, affecting both those with athletic lifestyles and those with sedentary lifestyles. The causes are, of course, many. Bad posture, an injury from lifting something bulky, an accidental fall, or simply not taking sufficient exercise… all these and more can cause this deeply unpleasant form of pain.

While there are plenty of do-it-yourself guidelines online if you have a partner or friend willing to give you a back therapy, the best advice is always to get the treatment from a professional. This is especially important if you have additional ailments, such as osteoporosis, because a non-professional could cause you additional damage. And you should tell your practitioner about any additional conditions you suffer from. Itʼs important that the

correct muscles are targeted so that you get the relief you need. Two key areas are the quadratus lumborum (QL) and the gluteus medius because these two are often the ones which are causing pain. Donʼt stand on ceremony – ask your therapist to spend at least twenty minutes on the QL while you lie on one side of your body, and then another 20 minutes while you lie on the other.


For the gluteus medius, you should seek 20 minutes of massage. Often the gluteus medius attempts to compensate for problems with the QL. While you lie on your stomach, your masseur should do a combination of stretching and massaging this vital area.

In many instances, youʼll find that your therapist knows which areas to address when you tell him or her of your back pain, but by the same token, donʼt be shy – ask specifically for these two areas to be thoroughly treated. 

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