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May 8, 2019
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Massage & Discovering You

All men (yes, that really means all men) can revolutionise their lives with the deluxe treatment thatʼs been sweeping across the capital for the last few years which comes in a variety of guises and itʼs essential to make sure you book through a reputable agency, like London Xquiste Massage, with a proven track-record of helping men & women get in touch with themselves.

At London Xquisite Massage , we have a thorough and very stringent vetting process so that only fully-trained, highly competent men are in our gallery. Our standards require not only uncommon beauty but also an even temperament, sensitivity, intelligence and kindness. With these attributes in place, our therapists are able to deliver massage that goes above and beyond client expectations.

Thanks to a potent combination of innate ability and training, our practitioners can help you unlock the benefits of Tantric therapy. All of us, whether gay, straight, bi- or bi-curious, carry with us the burden of shame. Itʼs imprinted on us by the previous generation, whether intentionally or not. It weighs us down and hangs heavily on our hearts. This is one of the first things that your gentleman will address.

Our therapists are uniquely attuned to it and with the power of touch, they will help rid you of it, so that youʼre left in a better place.


The benefits of mutual touch massage


With shame either out of the way or gradually reduced, the next benefit

can be made real. Intimacy issues. We all have them. Itʼs simply impossible to emerge into adulthood with complete fluency in the language of emotion. Our treatments includes plenty of touch, cradling, eye contact and synchronised breathing exercises, will dramatically help you to lose the residual fear of intimacy that afflicts 100 per cent of adults.

Over the course of a series of 60/90-minute appointments, you will discover that intimacy is nothing to fear and that, even better, you are fully capable of achieving it. The discovery that you are an intimate being will have a powerful and lasting impact on the health of your relationships and your ability to form them in the first place.



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