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May 6, 2019
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May 8, 2019
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Massage & Mental Health

Everyoneʼs emotions take a knock at some point in their lives, so whether you have an actual mental health diagnosis or are simply living through difficult times, the benefits of professional bodywork can revolutionise your life. In fact, seeing an Xquisite London Massage therapist for 60 to 90 minutes every week or every other week, can be a vital way in which you look after yourself. However if you are suffering psychologically, whether the symptoms are lethargy, distress, unstable mood or prolonged low mood, youʼll notice the effects quite quickly during your first appointment. Thatʼs because the experience helps clients feel grounded.

The sensations of Swedish and deep-tissue work followed by the intense body to body procedure, leaves you feeling connected to your body, to your physical self. This means youʼre less caught up in unproductive thought cycles. Feelings are not facts, but sometimes itʼs hard to make that distinction.

Tantric therapy helps you see the truth; that there is no point or purpose to the vast majority of the static running through your head. This realisation helps to lessen the volume of it.


When will I start to feel the benefits?

An Xqusite London Massage appointment is tailored to your tastes and needs but every appointment has at least one thing in common; some of the benefits are instant. From your first time onwards, you may well notice improved sleep patterns. Youʼll feel calmer and more tranquil not just during the appointment but after as well. The refreshed feeling youʼre left with will

help you be more active and stimulated for the rest of your day and less inclined to ruminate on sadnessʼs from the past. Over the long term, youʼll develop a better sense of your own mental health patterns. For example, youʼll notice earlier on when youʼre exhibiting signs of stress.


Is massage a mental illness solution?

Xquisite massage should be looked at as auxiliary care rather than as the primary treatment for a mental illness. Itʼs vital not to dismiss out of hand the advice of your GP and/or specialist. Be sure to avail yourself of mental health services, not just through your GP but also through charities like MIND.

Further down the line, you should be in a position where you can recognise the signs of a mental health crisis at an earlier stage and seek the support of your masseur/practitioner. At the most acute phase of a mental illness, itʼs best to focus on getting support in place and then having a body treatment rather than the other way around.

Can I do it myself?

It is possible to learn some of the techniques and then practise them on yourself at home, with only the middle back being hard to reach. Of course, this means surrendering one of the best things about the treatment, which is that someone else is doing the work, allowing you to focus on breathing and calmness.

Still, going to a basic/introductory course (anything from one day to ten weeks) will leave you with the option of giving yourself neck and shoulder massages while sitting atyour desk at work.

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