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Origins of Tantric massage

Origins of tantric massage

When youʼre on the verge of booking a Tantric massage in London, it helps to have a grasp of exactly what disciplines and techniques fall under the London Xquisite Massage umbrella. Loosely speaking, it is an erotic therapy with diverse influences going back many, many years, embraced by the western world, where itʼs sometimes referred to as neotantra, although developed elsewhere. Depending on the establishment you choose, youʼll discover that it draws upon elements of yoga, sex therapy and bionergetics.

If youʼre unfamiliar with the last of these terms, it is best described as a sub-division of biochemistry, concerning the way that energy flows through living entities, the relationships, exchanges and transformations between different energies, and the metabolisms of living beings.

London Xquisite Masseuses are Tantric Masters

Wellbeing and profound relaxation are two of the main goals worked towards in your appointment. Tantra finds its original roots in traditional Buddhist and Hindu practices. Guidelines and principles exist within ancient texts and some practitioners will refer to these in order to ensure that the concept of sacred sexuality is adhered to throughout.

Others will adapt the principles to form newer ways of delivering the treatment – for example, modern western establishments do not see the need for the involvement of gurus. Other deviations from the traditional source occur from place to place but the core purpose – to infuse people with ecstasy and merge the spiritual and sexual, remain in place. Itʼs also a wonderful antidote to the sexual repression so often inculcated in people from childhood onwards.

Tantra is the very essence of sacred sexuality, reminding people that there is nothing wrong, bad, sinful or dirty about sexual desire and consummation. In Tantra, sex is a sublime act that helps us all to reach elevated spiritual planes of existence – a notion that stands in direct contradiction to the attitude, still prevalent today, which decrees that sex is something sordid and low.

The Best Experience From London Xquisite Massage 

Since its beginnings in ancient Asia, Tantra has travelled far and wide, becoming adopted with increasing enthusiasm in the west during the 1960s. Its potential has only just begun to be fully realised and myriad interpretations are springing up in every corner of the globe.

Today, when you go for a Xquisite Tantric Massage in London, you may well be experiencing some of the effects of this ancient wisdom, its enormous benefits spreading far and wide, helping to make the world a more peaceful, joyous and reflective place.

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